Bed Time

I’ve always loved a good book – and a rubbish book if I’m completely honest with myself. There’s just something about settling yourself in a comfy chair, picking up a book (whether tried and tested or old and rubbish or new and a complete mystery) and knowing that soon you’ll be in a whole new world. And now I get to share that love with my children who, hopefully, will inherit my love of reading.

The best thing about bed time has to be the bed time story and picking a book from the jam-packed bookcase in the children’s bedroom (there are three more bookcases in the living room for my books, all of them twice the size of the children’s one). Every evening I read two stories. The first story is always my choice and I never choose the same one two nights in a row. The second story, however, is chosen by my eldest daughter who always chooses the same book. Elmer’s Weather. I can now recite the whole of this book from beginning to end without once looking at the pages. But it’s worth it, it really is, knowing how much she enjoys the book and hoping that by doing this simple thing each and every night then maybe, just maybe, she’ll end up loving reading just as much as I do.


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