Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 vs Mass Effect 3

For our first Christmas together I made the mistake of buying my other half a PS3 – I’m not entirely sure what possessed me at the time seeing as he had a fully functioning Xbox 360 (it was later struck down by the red ring of death but that wasn’t for ages and not until his brother had it). The only thing I can think is that at the time I must have been stark raving mad and didn’t come to my senses until it was far too late.
Funnily enough after years of persuasion I gave the damn thing a go and now, unfortunately, I’m as hooked as he is. It started with Fallout New Vegas where I found that I was a pretty good shot with a sniper rifle, and progressed to Borderlands 2 where I became obsessed with finding the very best weapons that I could (and stealing the other half’s kills playing two player 😉 ). Then came Mass Effect 2 which had me hooked immediately, followed by Mass Effect 3 where I learnt the joys of online gaming. Finally, he persuaded me to try Call Of Duty, a game which I had always denied liking until he pointed out that you could play it online too. And that was it. Other than the downside of the players who use headsets (listening to Katie Perry’s Roar because I didn’t mute all the headsets in time was slightly annoying but not the worst thing I could have ended up hearing I suppose).
Well not completely it… I’ve now ended up purchasing a SNES, the original Xbox, and an Xbox 360… Although in my defence you can’t play Fable or Gears of War or Halo on the PS3, so really it was money well spent.
I have no defence for the SNES.


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