Sometimes the thing I miss the most is just having some quiet time to myself. But, with two children under three and an other half who is essentially just one big child, quiet is normally the last thing I get. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children dearly and only want to kill the other half irregularly, but I miss being able to do simple things in peace. Things like going to the toilet without company, getting a drink and being able to enjoy it while it’s still hot/cold rather than room temperature, having a bath where I don’t end up with plastic bath toys being thrown at me. Even just eating a yogurt without the eldest trying to stick her fingers in the pot (I’m happy to share but once that’s happened the yogurt is all hers).

Even typing this I am sat supervising my youngest who despite being tired is refusing to sleep because it’s far more fun to make mummy play hunt the dummy (she’s an absolute pro – you can check everywhere dozens of time and not find the damn thing, but when you finally give up and pick her up because you reason it’s the only way you’ll find it, you find it in the first blooming place you checked…). And I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book that wasn’t full of pictures and rhyming couplets.

But it’s worth it (honest) just for the hugs, the time spent together and the  “love you mummy” at bedtime when I kiss my eldest goodnight. I’d give up quiet forever for that.


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