The Croods, Fantastic Mr Fox, Bolt, Monsters University, Wall-e

I love films almost as much as I love books (and I definitely always prefer the book over the film) but lately I’ve been getting this strong urge to… destroy certain films.

The above named are just a few of them, and the problem isn’t that I don’t like the films – without exception I have liked each and every one of them, for different reasons I will admit, but they are good films. The problem is my eldest daughter. She likes them. Although like is an understatement. To clarify, she isn’t allowed to watch cartoons or anything like that during the day, so in the evening, as a treat, I allow her to choose a film and we watch it together before we start the bedtime routine. And this is where the problem comes in. Once she’s watched a film once that’s the same film she will pick every night without fail until I become so bored of watching said film I hide it and tell her the film had to go away for a while. I mean, honestly, there are only so many times that you can watch Wall-e go on his journey, get crushed and then rebuilt. Or watch Bolt realise over and over that he isn’t actually a super dog. And don’t get me started on that annoying rhyme in Fantastic Mr Fox (it was fine when I read the book because I’m not particularly musical so I just read it flat rather than putting it to music).

The sad thing is, this is once a night – unless she’s ill and then she’s allowed a film during the day. Once a night and these films, which I did enjoy when I first watched them, have become insidious torture devices that make hands tremble with a desire to snap the discs in half, scratch the backs, or even just throw them out…

But I wont. I’m not a mean mummy. They just tend to go “away” until I think I might just be able to watch them again without screaming.


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