I’m trying to decide what came over me when I thought it would be a good idea to redecorate the bedrooms… I can’t possibly have decided it was a good idea, or did I? When I first thought about it I thought it would take a day, maximum, to repaint both rooms. A week later and I’m still not finished.

The problems started when it came to buying paint. Everything else was fine. Paint pads, sugar soap etc. were all easy to pick. On the other hand, the paint was starting to become a serious issue. Despite forcing discussions with the other half as to what colour to do the children’s bedroom and our own bedroom, the best response I ever got was a shrug and a muttered “it’s up to you”. I suppose it was really, but I still found it annoying that he wouldn’t try to contribute at all. So in the end I thought I’ll go with white paint. For both rooms. Who cares if it marks easily I’m only planning on redecorating again once the children are old enough to choose what colour they want themselves (this decision was helped along by the fact that I wanted to use a pink satin everywhere paint, you know the kind that you can use in the bathroom and kitchen and works on metal and wood too, but couldn’t find it in a pink I liked on the website so thought I would have a shop around to find it). Bad idea. Really awful, because I was trying to do the decorating on a budget as well as working to limited colour choices and once I got to the DIY shop they didn’t even have the white satin everywhere paint that I wanted.

I suppose when that happened I should have just turned round and walked straight back out of the shop, gone home and ordered the paint that I wanted so that I could collect it in-store (the stupid thing is I had already checked this all out and new that the DIY shop in question didn’t do home delivery on the particular paint I was looking at). Instead of doing this – in hindsight – sensible thing, I decided to pick up the “next best thing”, which was the everywhere paint in white but matt instead of satin (I’ve used silk paint before and all I can say is never again!). And I bought two large tubs of the blooming stuff which should have been more than enough but wasn’t because despite doing multiple layers it still looks patchy and scruffy and very much horrible. So much so that (after abandoning my bedroom as a lost cause) I managed to kind of sort out the children’s bedroom by using what was left of the paint that we did the bathroom with.

It’s bright yellow, but at least the children’s bedroom doesn’t look scruffy anymore and it is nice and sunny looking.

And I’ve learnt my lesson. Next time, if I can’t get what I want, I’ll blooming well leave and come back when I can!


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