I love cooking. Which is odd because it’s a very domestic kind of thing to be doing and, despite having two children (I only didn’t say three because it’s “be nice to the other half week”), I am really not domesticated.

Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact it makes me feel grown up because I get to use sharp knives without adult supervision. Or more likely it’s because I’m making something that is technically just going to be destroyed.

Whatever the reason, tonight I decided to batch cook chilli and Bolognese sauce because I had (I thought) all the necessary ingredients and I had the free time (both the children were in bed and fast asleep so I thought I’d try doing something more productive than sitting on Facebook for the evening).Turns out that having three HUGE pans wasn’t enough and stuffing each pot full of onions etc. to bulk everything out would have been a better idea if I’d done it slowly so as to check a. how much room I had in the pots and b. that I had enough onions, chopped peppers, tomatoes and kidney beans.

I mean it all smells great anyway but it would appear I need to start being more organised. Especially as I don’t have enough freezer bags for everything I’ve made…

I’ll get things right one day.


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